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Something Rotten Act One Mikki Schaffner (55).jpg

Something Rotten

This was the Fall Mainstage Musical at CCM. It was such an incredible experience and I learned so much during the process.

October 2022

DanceWorks Mozart Mix 2022 (10).JPG

DanceWorks 2022

I was the Associate Designer for this piece and designed the 4th piece titled "Mozart Mix." I also helped the other designers during focus and tech.

December 2022

jump shoot 13.jpg

Miami Dance Theater Winter Concert

This was my first solo dance design and so much fun. I worked with 8 choreographers to help their visions come to life.

November 2021

The Hughes Project Image 2.JPG

The Hughes Project

I was the project manager for the projections team and designed the Orange section of the piece as well as co-designing the blue section 

January 2021



This was a design and programming project for my Moving Light Programming class. I designed the song Guardians by Lindsey Sterling and programmed on the GrandMA2

January 2021

1. Catepillar  (17).JPG

CCM Prep Youth Ballet Concert

This was the winter dance concert for the CCM Prep Ballet Program. The concert consisted of 3 shorter pieces and a 4th ballet broken up into 14 sections. 

December 2021

aria 13.jpg

Idea Lab: Multiplicity (Lucia)

This was a piece for a class I took called the Idea Lab. It was an opera aria from Lucia described as the "mad scene." We used lighting and projections to tell the story of a woman slowly going insane.

September 2020

Movement 2.jpg

Idea Lab: I Rise

This was a piece for a class I took called the Idea Lab. It was an acting piece with one line told in different ways. Each actor was represented by a different color. 

September 2020

boom 9.png


This was a lighting and automation group project for my Lighting Technology class. I designed sections 1, 2, and 5. My group's concept used oscilloscopes to show a cycle of creation to destruction to rebirth.

January 2022

Andree Expedition 12.jpg

The Andree Expedition

This was a performance of the opera "The Andree Expedition" with one performer playing all three roles. 

January 2022

Cammy - Get A Grip 1.JPG

Miami Dance Theater Spring Concert

I enjoyed going back to Miami University to design the Spring concert. There were 5 choreographers for this group of pieces. 

May 2022

Giselle PC Will Brenner (7).jpg


I was the Associate Designer for this piece and worked on the design for Act 2. I also drafted the plot

April 2022

Idea Lab
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