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Miami Dance Q sheet.jpg

Example cue sheet for Miami Dance Winter Concert. This is generally how I like to set up my cue sheets. It changes slightly depending on the show, but this worked very well for dance. 

You Can't Take it with You Plot.jpg

This is a concept plot for "You Can't Take it with You" done for my lighting 4 class. We did a full concept design of the show and presented our ideas to the class. 

color mood board a little night music.jpg

This is a slide from a color mood board I put together for "A Little Night Music." This was another concept project I worked on. 

urinetown concept.jpg

This is a slide from my concept presentation for "Urinetown" This is how I shared my ideas with the director. 

This is a magic sheet I made for the CCM Prep Youth Ballet. It shows the different systems I was able to use for this production as well as the colors I picked. 

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