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Natalia Carlson

Lighting Design
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Featured Work

Miami Dance Theater Winter Concert

Lighting Designer 

Director: Lana Kay Rosenburg

This was my first solo dance design and so much fun. I worked with 8 choreographers to help their visions come to life.

Galileo Galilei

Assistant Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer: Thomas Hase

This was an opera in Patricia Corbett Theater that I drafted the plot for and assisted throughout the design process. 

Galileo 8.jpg
Something Rotten Mark Lyons (70).jpg
Something Rotten

Lighting Designer 

Director: Diane Lala

This hilarious musical was the Fall Mainstage Production for CCM in 2022. It was an incredible experience with a great team. 

Hughes 20.jpeg

Assistant Project Manager and Lighting Designer 

Project Manager: Tayler Durantini

I was the project manager for the projections team and designed the Orange section of the piece as well as co designing the blue section 

The Hughes Project
boom 14.png

Lighting Designer sections 1, 2, 5


Thomas Iodice - Automation designer       and programmer,  MA2 programmer

Kyle Strickland - ME, MA2 programmer

Will Meckstroth - Designer section 3

Claire Michaels - Designer section 4

This was a lighting and automation group project for my Lighting Technology class. I designed sections 1, 2, and 5. My group's concept used oscilloscopes to show a cycle of creation to destruction to rebirth.


Assistant Lighting Designer

LD: Thomas Hase and Joe Beumer

As the assistant for this show I got to create magic sheets, spot cues, and other paperwork as well as assist during focus and tech.

Aida 4.jpg
Featured Work
The Hughe Project
Miami Dance
on then 7.jpg
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